About the Artist


Thank you for visiting me and my handmade jewelry!  My name is Lexi, and I have been making unique gifts as a side business since 2014.  As of March 15th 2019, I have been making jewelry full-time, and I’m so excited to be sharing this journey with you!  When I met my husband in 2014, he convinced me that the hobby I had been dabbling in for the previous couple of years was good enough to be a side business.  I opened my Etsy store in October 2014, under the name Scorpio Fashions.  I believe I had no more than 15 listings in my store for the first 4 months.  Since then, I've attended over 100 markets and fairs, to bring unique styles and handmade goodies to you!
Currently, I use mediums such as resin, copper, clay, glass, and lead-free solder.  My materials include naturally expired butterflies, flowers grown in my garden, up-cycled watch parts, and gemstones.
This year will be full of new beginnings for me, including the release of my very first collection with many more to follow.  I will also have more shows this year than any before, which will include travelling to more cities in Colorado.  My handmade pendants will be featured in multiple stores in Colorado as well!  Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for my latest updates on shows, sales, and sneak peeks at my newest creations.